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Food & Dining in Peru


One of Peru's main attractions is its delicious cooking; quality food is found everywhere and it is not necessary to only go to the most expensive restaurants to enjoy a good meal. In the capital, Lima, cuisine has managed to incorporate many influences and has made many traditions of its own. Its cuisine is exemplified by a huge diversity: Native American, Spanish, Chinese, Italian, Arab, African and a great variety of flavours from other parts of Peru.

To sample the unique taste of exquisite traditional food, choose from well-seasoned dishes like the delicious ají de gallina (shredded chicken in spicy cream sauce), rocoto relleno (stuffed Peruvian hot pepper), lomo saltado (stir-fried beef with rice and chips) or carapulcra (sun-dried potato stew). The renown pisco sour, prepared with pisco (a potent spirit distilled from grapes), lemon juice, sugar and egg-white is very popular, as is the refreshing drink made from boiled purple maize, the chicha morada.


San Isidro

There is a wide range of restaurants in Lima, from highly economical to very expensive. To sample Peruvian cuisine, the José Antonio in San Isidro and El Señorío de Sulco are wonderful places to eat like the natives. If you prefer French and Mediterranean cuisine in general, we recommend Le Bistrot de Mes Fils which boasts a extensive wine list, or La Bonbonniere styled after the "Salons du Thé" in France. The fusion of Peruvian-Mediterranean food can be savoured at MYO, where they also serve Algarrobina, a drink made with brandy, cinnamon and egg. For Japanese food, Lima offers renowned restaurants like Matsuei, Sushi Ito and Ichiban at the Hotel El Olivar. As for Italian food, the best choices are Al Dente and San Ceferino Trattoria.


Miraflores contains the largest amount of restaurants in the entire Lima metropolitan area and the visitor will no doubt find what he or she is looking for, one place to try a local dish is Las Brujas de Cachiche (specialists in tacu-tacu, a Creole combination of rice and beans), go to A Puerta Cerrada to try some ceviche, a spicy mix of shrimp, tilapia and potatoes marinated in lime juice. Another restaurant that specialises in Creole food is Zeño Manué, where the food is made as it was hundreds of years ago. A less expensive option, close to Parque Central de Miraflores is Tasca Bar offering savoury dishes and friendly service.

The fertile waters of the Peruvian Sea boast one of the greatest diversities of fish and shellfish in the world. Consequently, the country has developed a whole range of delicious fresh dishes, such as the celebrated cebiche de pescado (fish in lemon-juice marinade) or cebiche mixto (fish and shellfish marinade). In addition, there are a variety of main courses to choose from, such as escabeche de pescado (fried fish with onions), the ever-present arroz con mariscos (shellfish and rice) or chicharrones de pescado y calamares (batter-fried fish and squid).

Along with restaurants specialising in seafood, there is the well-known cebicherías throughout the city. In this district, there is a wide range of seafood restaurants like La Mar where the fashion conscious meet, and for the freshest seafood, go to Punta Sal,El Pez Amigo or La Rosa Nautica which are all good choices. For those looking for a beer and some sports, go to The Corner which is located in a busy area of Miraflores and for a pint of Guinness go to Murphy's Irish Pub, the oldest Irish pub in Lima.

The renowned Calle de las Pizzas (Pizza Lane) in Miraflores, is a tourist attraction just for its number of pizzerías and their picturesque environment. Naturally there is plenty of italian restaurants here like the Antico Ristorante Italiano di Porto Rotondo, the Trattoria di Mambrino owned by a local celebrity and the ever popular Don Rosalino, where the pizzas are made with the freshest ingredients. This area also has a myriad of French restaurants, two of the best are Café Voltaire and Le Bon Bakery Cafe, a place to enjoy amazing pastries. More restaurants with a Peruvian flair and somewhat economical are Astrid y Gastón, Señorío de Sulco and Mangos.

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